Shelter and The Adecco Group

Shelter and The Adecco Group

People who experience homelessness often face huge barriers when looking for work. It is here that the foundation of the partnership between Shelter and The Adecco Group stems. The Adecco Group are a global recruitment company, delivering services across all sectors and areas of employment. Together we are working to transform the lives of those who face, or are at risk, of homelessness. We want to create sustainable employment opportunities and help people reach their full potential.

Transforming lives

Since the partnership began in early 2020, colleagues from The Adecco Group have raised over £70,000 to support Shelter. This has been vital in helping to fund key services, especially during the uncertainty caused by pandemic.

The Adecco Group and GROW

We are proud to enter our second year of partnership. From April 2021, The Adecco Group has become a key funder and transformational partner of Shelter’s GROW (Getting Real Opportunities of Work) programme. This programme provides a 12-month paid traineeship to people with lived experience of homelessness, using their experience to influence and shape services and delivery. The programme seeks to enhance and prepare trainees for their journey into permanent employment.

Steve, one of our current GROW trainees, reflects on the impact that GROW has on his life: ‘Being given the opportunity to work as a GROW trainee has been extremely beneficial. Not simply because of the obvious benefits, such as the financial side, that come with working. This opportunity has allowed me to come off benefits, something I have not been able to do for decades.

‘That, in turn, has really helped with my self-esteem. Coupled with that is the purpose that working gives me. I cannot state enough how important having a purpose is to someone like myself. It is not just the actual work. It’s the whole shebang of getting up and travelling to work. The whole routine has become important to me, I feel like a functioning member of society, and that is something that I never thought I would be able to say.’ Across The Adecco Group colleagues are taking part in various fundraising activities, from bake sales, golf days and walking challenges, raising funds that will go directly to supporting the GROW programme. In addition, 11 colleagues from The Adecco Group are 1:1 mentoring the GROW trainees over a 12-month period. Volunteers help to support with employability skills and secure future employment. This dynamism created through the partnership between Shelter and The Adecco Group helps change people’s lives.

“My mentoring journey with Liam quickly became much more than me volunteering my time. What I was able to teach Liam about employability was no comparison to what he taught me about facing adversity and giving back, regardless of the hand life has dealt you.”

Holly, Mentor from The Adecco Group

The support from Holly helped Liam to secure a role at St Mungo’s.

Shelter’s Housing Wellbeing Programme

The Adecco Group is also sponsoring Shelter’s Housing Wellbeing Programme. This programme helps companies create a safe space where everyone feels listened to, supported and empowered to do something about their housing problems – whenever they’re struggling. As leaders in the employee wellbeing space, The Adecco Group understand the importance of a secure, safe home on mental, physical and financial wellbeing. As well as sponsoring the programme, they were among the first companies to run our Housing Health Check survey.

Find out more

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