How technology is changing the way Shelter tackles homelessness

At Shelter, our goal is to help people deal with bad housing and homelessness. We help people stay in the home they’ve got or, if they have lost their tenancy, to find a new one. And we want to ensure that people are living in safe and secure homes, so we help them understand their rights to improve poor conditions and, if necessary, challenge rogue landlords.

We do this through a combination of a free national helpline, digital advice, face-to-face … Read more

Proving our worth

68,500 people. That’s huge.

If you’ve been following the World Athletics Championships, imagine every seat in the Olympic stadium taken up by someone who has a story to tell about how Shelter changed their lives in 2016/17.

That’s what we did, and do: we change lives, and now we can prove it.   

We’re not satisfied with feeling it in our bones, we want hard facts and figures to prove our impact, and learn from them.

Our Impact

Our first ever … Read more

Helping more people
How Shelter is working with councils to deliver homelessness prevention, advice and support

Working with local authorities is not new for Shelter – like many other charities who help the most vulnerable in society, we rely on funding and collaboration with local government to deliver our vital services. Our history is long and productive – for over 20 years this local authority funding has enabled us to make a huge difference to people struggling with bad housing and homelessness in … Read more

London Homelessness Awards

The London Homelessness Awards are the country’s leading homelessness awards. Sponsored by the London Housing Foundation, Crisis, Shelter and the London Housing Directors, prize money is awarded to the organisations that demonstrate innovative and creative solutions for tackling homelessness in London.

Last year’s winner was the House of St Barnabas Employment Academy project, who work to break the cycle of homelessness by providing training, work experience and employment opportunities to help people to rebuild their lives. This all happens in … Read more