Does business have a responsibility to support its employees with housing?

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The days of employers building houses for their workforce are long gone. Purpose built developments, such as George Cadbury’s Bourneville, are consigned to the past. But today, employees need support from their employers with housing more than ever.

We are in the midst of a housing crisis. The repeated failure of governments to build … Read more

Employers helping renters

Today, in partnership with Shelter, the Greater London Authority & the Department of Communities & Local Government (DCLG), The Co-operative group launched their rental deposit loan scheme. Over 70,000 employees will now have access to a low cost, low risk source of tenancy deposit funding.

This is a significant milestone for the scheme that Shelter pioneered in November 2013. It proves that it can work across the third, public and private sector; and that it can be adapted for a … Read more

Helping renters who can't afford deposits

At the Conservative party conference we heard Boris Johnson once again join our call for building vastly more affordable homes. It’s another voice for the cause, and one which we welcome.

However, alongside this, he made a small practical recommendation which may have been missed by many – but is still of significance to renters up and down the country facing soaring renting costs and ever-mounting bills.

The London mayor backed and promoted our vision for employers to offer tax Read more