Grenfell: One year on
Grenfell: One year on

It’s been a year since 72 people tragically lost their lives in the Grenfell Tower Fire.

Since then, what progress has been made to support the survivors and make sure nothing like this ever happens again? I’m a Shelter housing advisor, and I’ve been working in the area since it happened – supporting many of those who were affected by the fire to find a new home.

Has everyone from the tower been rehoused?

Some 210 families who lived in … Read more

Have your say – make sure more affordable homes get built
Have your say – make sure more affordable homes get built

Why are we missing out on so many affordable homes in the UK?

Only 41,530 were built in 2016 and 2017, despite the national housing crisis. One big reason for this is that developers and landowners are making promises on affordable homes that they know they can break – and this needs to stop.

Using the viability loophole, they can wriggle out of their commitments to build affordable homes, often before building work starts. They do this by saying that … Read more

My experiences with renters facing homelessness

This is a guest blog from Louise, who works in Shelter’s Newcastle service.

As a support and guidance worker for Shelter in Newcastle, I want to share something urgent with you that we need your help with.

Over the last five years, the number of private renters I’ve seen facing homelessness has gone up and up. I’ve seen first-hand how this is connected to the freeze on Local Housing Allowance (LHA).

An opportunity we can’t miss

It used to be … Read more

Fair rent homes? Our long-term mission to transform renting

As you know, we’re currently campaigning hard to lift the freeze on Local Housing Allowance (LHA).

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is a type of housing benefit given to 1.2m private tenants who need help paying their rent. But since the government froze LHA in 2015, rents have risen and people are being forced into homelessness as the burden of their rent becomes too much.

If we don’t act now, one million households could be at risk of homelessness by 2020.… Read more

Longer rental contracts: how would they work? FAQs

Everyone needs a stable home. It gives you security and the chance to plan for the future. Yet, if you’re living on six to 12 month contracts – which are the norm for renters – life can be uncertain and unpredictable. In order to end this insecurity and make sure renting families have a stable home, Shelter is calling on the government to increase the legal minimum for a rental contract to five years.

Since we first launched our campaign Read more

Why we're joining forces with Mumsnet

Our campaign for longer rental contracts has attracted a huge level of support, mostly from families with young children.

Everyone needs a stable home. It gives you security and the chance to plan for the future. Yet, if you’re living on six to 12 month contracts – which are the norm for renters – life can be uncertain and unpredictable.

The number of families who privately rent their homes has tripled over the past ten years, and many of these … Read more

2016: Huge Changes in Housing

2016 was a monumentally busy year for Shelter. It was our 50th anniversary, but we hardly took a moment to acknowledge it.

As the Housing Bill made its way through parliament, we were there every step of the way – squeezing in as many demands, changes and concessions as we could get. The hard work made a big difference.

With the help of our brilliant Shelter supporters, we’ve managed to win a series of huge changes that are set to … Read more

120,000 children will be homeless this Christmas

Fifty years since Shelter was first founded, the country is once again in the grip of a housing crisis. If there’s one thing that sums up the situation, it’s the fact that 120,000 children will be homeless this Christmas. This is the equivalent of four children at every school.

This is a 15% rise from last year. Child homelessness is increasing in the UK, and we need urgent action to prevent things getting worse. That’s why we’re campaigning for Theresa Read more

“A horrible way to live”: how short-term renting affects family life

We recently received this e-mail from Rachel*, a mother of a young son who had heard about our campaign for longer rental contracts. Here she explains the impact that unstable and insecure renting is having on her and her son’s life:

I am so pleased Shelter has picked this issue up, I’ve lost many tears over this and I’m sure I am not the only one.

This year my son moved up to junior school. He’s a very sensitive child … Read more

Renters need a stable home too

Not convinced short-term contracts are unfair on renters?  We think much can be done to improve rental contracts. Please, if you have time, read on to find out why.

A stable home gives you security. It helps you to put down roots and gives you the chance to plan for the future. However, if you’re renting – living on six to 12 month contracts, life is uncertain and unpredictable.

1 in 4 families are now renting privately. If you’re a … Read more

As a landlady, I can see what needs to change in our rental market

We recently received the following guest blog from a Shelter supporter, Maureen, and we thought we’d share it:

I have been a landlord/lady on and off for some time, and I cannot believe the ‘market’ value of my studio flat in Camden Town. Originally, when I first started letting it out, I could not bring myself to ask the going rate for it – it’s an attractive place but it’s only one room, though with a separate kitchen, and its … Read more

Letting agents and ghost listings

We were recently contacted by a homeowner that had fallen victim to fraudulent activity by a letting agent. Here’s her story…

Last year I got a nasty shock. I discovered a letting agent advertising my flat for rent, without my permission, while I was living in it.

This both worried and angered me. If my mortgage lender discovered the flat listed for rent, they could have accused me of breaking my mortgage agreement, as renting breaches the terms of my … Read more