The impact of housing problems on mental health

Housing and Mental Health are two issues which have become prominent in public debate over recent years (and rightly so). Here at Shelter, every day in our services we see how housing problems can spill over into other parts of people’s lives: affecting their relationships, their work, and their health.

In 2013 we published research into the effects bad housing can have on people’s health, helping to further the debate on the links between health and housing. So we decided … Read more

New Civic Housebuilding: How to build homes and influence people

Last week, Shelter released our vision for how to build the homes we need: New Civic Housebuilding. The weekend’s Sunday papers covered our exclusive new research into attitudes to new homes – here we set out the analysis of our findings.


Public Support for new housebuilding


As part of our research into the attitudes of English adults toward new homes, covered extensively last week (for example see here, here and here), we found that … Read more

Permitted Development Rights: A wolf in sheep’s clothing?
Permitted Development Rights: A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Figures on net additional dwellings

On Tuesday, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) released their latest figures on the number of net additional dwellings for 2015/16. Since 2012/13, the number of new net dwellings has been steadily increasing year-on-year – this year the figure stands at 189,650. This is encouraging (although we still have not broken 200,000 net additional dwellings in any year since the Global Financial Crisis of 2007/8).


Source: DCLG

Permitted Development Rights: What are Read more