Busting some myths: why myth busting doesn’t work

Whenever we hold a brainstorm to find ways to talk to people about welfare the most common idea that comes up is ‘why don’t we just present the truth about benefits?’ In theory this makes perfect sense; once presented with the facts people will simply see the light and revise their view of welfare recipients.

If only it was that straight forward.

The truth about myth busting, as we like to call it, is that people simply do not act … Read more

Shifting attitudes to welfare: why knowing your audience is key to any campaign strategy

This is the second in a series of blogs talking about Shelter’s campaign to change public attitudes towards welfare.

Back in November I wrote a blog about Shelter’s campaign to shift public attitudes to welfare. This is the next stage of the campaign so far:

From a political point of view Jam is definitely the flavour of the day. The ‘just about managing’ audience, constantly referenced in speeches and articles by the government and political commentators alike, have become increasingly … Read more

The long road to shifting attitudes on welfare

There is little doubt that when it comes to the question of welfare the public aren’t exactly flag waving supporters. In fact, it’s fair to say, that the current debate is so negative the previous government felt empowered to freely slash welfare spending safe in the knowledge that to do so is widely, even a little wildly, popular; they quite legitimately said they were simply doing what voters wanted.

Even with new DWP supremo, Damian Green, striking a softer tone … Read more