Blanket Insecurity

Looking at the latest data release from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), it caught my eye that possession claims in the private rented sector have now overtaken those made on mortgaged properties.

A possession claim is the first step in a legal process which can end with the loss of a home. And in 2013, a total of 212,667 of them were issued through county courts in England. Just over half of these – nearly 108,000 – were on behalf … Read more

When is a region not a Region?

As part of an ongoing effort to remove the regional government framework, Eric Pickles has announced that the Department for Communities and Local Government will no longer be publishing regional level statistics.

The arguments for and against this course of action are well-rehearsed and I do not intend to repeat them here (although you can read Shelter’s response to the consultation on this subject).

However this decision does raise a few issues.

The Department will include statistics for Local Enterprise Read more