HomeRun: What is it and how can I take part?

Published: by Rosanna Young

HomeRun: What is it and how can I take part?

Our new fundraising challenge, HomeRun, is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. Here we explain what it’s all about and how to get involved.

What is HomeRun?

With its customisable goals and location, HomeRun is the fundraising challenge that fits around you. Sign up online and set yourself a distance target to walk or run over the course of April. Then you can make up the miles wherever and whenever works for you, in as many stages as you like. Ask friends and family to sponsor you to reach your goal and work towards a fundraising target set by you.

How do I set my fundraising target?

You’ll be asked how much you’d like to fundraise when you sign up. The amount you set is totally up to you and can be changed at any time. We recommend a target of around £100, but don’t feel shy about setting more or less. It’s all about what’s achievable, and what will be a good source of motivation. You’ll receive emails and unlock badges as you achieve 25%, 50%, and 100% of your fundraising goal.

How do I set my distance target?

When you sign up, you’ll be asked what distance you want to cover for Shelter throughout April. As with your fundraising target, this is completely your choice and can be changed further down the line. What you decide may depend on a few different factors. For example whether you plan to walk, run, or do both to cover the miles, and how active you are. You also might want to think about how much time you’ll have in April to complete the challenge, and how far you want to push yourself. As with the fundraising page, you’ll unlock badges as you progress.

How do I track and log the miles that I cover?

The easiest way to track and log your miles is by linking up your fundraising page with a fitness app such as Strava or MapMyFitness or with a FitBit. Once you’re linked up, it will automatically tally up the walks and runs you track, post the activity to your fundraising page, and add the mileage to your distance total (after Wednesday 1 April).

You can also add your miles manually. So, if you know you walked half a mile to the supermarket, just add it yourself to your page.

Can I take part in a team?

Absolutely! HomeRun is a great team activity. Once you’ve signed up, you can create a team fundraising page with a joint fundraising and distance goal that each member can contribute towards.

How do I sign up?

We’re glad you asked! You can sign up here. More questions? Visit our FAQs page or read more about the challenge on the HomeRun homepage.