Josh’s thoughts on volunteering

Published: by Mark O'Loughlin

Photo of Josh smiling and wearing a Shelter branded T-shirt

We have around 2000 volunteers across Shelter and Shelter Scotland, in a variety of roles and all with their own motivations, insights, and experiences. Every month we showcase a different volunteer, celebrating their contribution and sharing more about their volunteer role.

Josh is a Digital Volunteer in the Glasgow Hub. He has been volunteering with Shelter for six months and usually volunteers in the office once a week. He feels he has been made to feel very welcome and that it’s a good environment to volunteer in.

In his volunteering role, Josh helps to manage and update the website, as well as a variety of other administrative tasks.

He became aware of our work through his mum, who works for Shelter. Since joining the team in the Glasgow Hub, Josh has developed his communication and technical skills, gained more vital work experience, and has as a greater understanding of the realities of the housing emergency.

‘I’ve learned a lot and it has been interesting.’

While he hasn’t had any lived experience of homelessness or housing issues himself, Josh appreciates the importance of the work that Shelter does in supporting those who are struggling. The number of people living in temporary accommodation and the huge demand for housing was a surprise to him when he started volunteering.

As well as learning more about housing problems, gaining experience in working with others in a team has been beneficial to Josh in his time as a volunteer.

‘It has developed my skills working with other people as a team. As a quiet person, it has helped quite a lot.’

Josh would recommend volunteering as a way of gaining skills and experience, whilst also helping to tackle the housing emergency. ‘You learn a lot,’ he says. ‘It will be a rewarding experience.’

‘I feel like I’m making an impact, in a small way as I’m only one person, but it’s an impact.’

Volunteers are vital to Shelter. From helping power our shops, supporting community events, and providing support to those experiencing the housing emergency, Shelter would be unable to achieve our mission without our volunteers.

We believe home is everything. If you do too, consider volunteering through one of our many Shelter opportunities. We’d love to hear from you.