Mother and nurse made homeless with two children

Published: by Kate Milenkovic

Lily kisses her son near window blinds

Lily never expected that her young family would be made homeless. A qualified nurse and a loving mother of two, she found herself without a home when her landlord decided to sell the property they were living in. Served with a no-fault eviction notice, Lily and her children were left with no choice but to leave their home.

Uncertain days

The family spent months being moved around hotels and unsuitable temporary accommodation – miles from where they were settled and from seven-year-old Koby’s school. The uncertainty of their living situation took a toll on Lily and her children. They never knew when they would have to pack up and move again.

One day, I waited until 3:30pm to find out which hotel we were going to. The kids were really unhappy and unsettled.

Nowhere to cook for her family

With no kitchen facilities in the hotels and limited funds due to extra travel costs, Lily was unable to provide proper meals for her children. She had to cook dinner for her kids at friends’ houses, struggling to maintain some sense of normalcy in their lives.

It was challenging, Lily admits. I was having to go to people’s houses to cook food as there were no cooking facilities in hotels, and I didn’t have any money.

Reaching breaking point

The toll of homelessness and the constant upheaval took a toll on Lily’s mental health. She found herself unable to work and ended up under the care of an NHS local mental health team, highlighting the emotional impact the housing emergency is having on families.

Finding support

Finally Lily contacted Shelter, and this enabled her to access expert advice on her rights and provided advocacy for her to the local council. Lily believes that she was able to secure a permanent home faster than if she were fighting alone.

Working with Shelter experts, Lily was able to secure suitable temporary accommodation. This new place came equipped with a kitchen, washing machine, and shower, providing them with the basic facilities that they needed to live their lives.

It’s much better in this accommodation as I can cook and wash our clothes.

A new beginning

Through her strength and determination, Lily picked up the keys to her new social home on 11 July. This marked a turning point in her family’s life, as they were able to move into a safe, secure home that offered the stability they needed.

Join us and make a difference

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As the cost of living continues to rocket in the UK, things are only going to get harder for families.

Every twelve minutes – even during the time you’re reading this blog– a family in England is made homeless. More than 6,000 calls are made to our emergency helpline every week.

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