Over a year since the Grenfell fire

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The view of Grenfell tower from Stephanie’s window

Over a year later, we’re still supporting residents who survived the Grenfell Tower fire, and working to hold the authorities to account and leading the conversation on the future of social housing.

How we’ve helped

Immediately after the fire Shelter’s team of advisers, solicitors and volunteers offered expert housing advice and support. And we set up a new dedicated service.

We have so far helped 90 people from Grenfell Tower and 180 from the nearby community.

Stephanie, whose flat overlooks Grenfell said of her experience:

The only organisation that has been there from the beginning of this journey is Shelter, without a doubt. I would’ve given up a long time ago had I not had that support.

Still without a permanent home

In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, survivors were given emergency accommodation as the council struggled to find homes for them.

But by 21st September, 83 households were still in temporary accommodation, due to a chronic lack of affordable housing.

This failure to find permanent homes for survivors drives home the reality of a wider housing crisis, which sees 1.2 million people in England stuck on waiting lists.

It’s clear that we need to come up with a new plan for social housing.

What next for social housing?

Earlier this year Shelter launched the Big Conversation; a national consultation about social housing in England.

Led by a panel of 16 commissioners chaired by Grenfell community leader, Reverend Mike Long, the conversation explored what social housing looks like in modern Britain – and its potential role in ending the housing crisis.

At Shelter, we received over 31,278 completed surveys; over 7,600 from social tenants. We’d like to thank everyone who took part.

Along with other evidence gathered, the commission will be publishing the results in November. The report will outline a vision for the future for everyone living in social housing.

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