Help to Buy is not the answer to building enough homes

Help to Buy is this government’s biggest intervention to date in the housing market and ministers often portray it as a major part of their answer to the housing shortage. However our analysis shows that this approach cannot deliver enough homes to meet need. The only way it could is if the average price of a home in England reached an astonishing and implausible £9 million.

Let me explain.

The current – and orthodox – thinking is that the supply … Read more

Geography makes the housing crisis more complex

Unfortunately for those of us who try to come up with neat policy solutions to our housing problems, there isn’t just one housing market. That means policies need to reflect local variation.

Ever-increasing house prices are a result of a range of complex and interconnected issues: the amount of land brought forward for development; investment and speculation on land and housing; employment and wage levels; credit availability; interest rates and consumer confidence, to name but a few. Policies that recognise … Read more