Sadiq Khan’s vision for a post-Section 21 world
Sadiq Khan’s vision for a post-Section 21 world

In a hopeful day for London’s renters, the Mayor has shared his vision for private renting.

For too long, renters in the capital and across the country have been denied the security they need in the place they call home. With insecure tenancies and spiralling costs, people who rent are at the mercy of their landlord. Too often they are unable to put down roots in the place they live.

But now Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s London Blueprint lays … Read more

Developing proposals for London rent control
Developing proposals for London rent control

The Mayor of London’s review of rent control has concluded with a call for new powers to cut rents in the capital.

In this post we explain why we support new powers to give tenants predictable rents, and how we hope to work with the Mayor to get rent control right for those struggling at the bottom of the housing market.

The Greater London Assembly (GLA) is also announcing details of its London Model proposal for how to implement the … Read more

London Renters Union: A campaigning union winning justice for renters
London Renters Union: A campaigning union winning justice for renters

Among a growing number of organisations campaigning for the rights of private renters is London Renters Union (LRU), a union for people who rent privately, and who work to support members from across the capital.

Like Shelter, LRU come across cases of DSS discrimination every day. In the guest blog written by one of their members, you’ll find just one story of how they helped a member facing this prejudice.

You can join the campaign to tackle this issue across Read more

You won't believe this totally mind-blowing method of reducing your letting agent fees!

Letting agent fees are one of the most painful aspects of renting. Every time you move, whether into or out of a home, you’re hit with a ludicrous list of fees. And they don’t come cheap either.

One of the most ridiculous, is the dreaded administration fee for changing the name on a tenancy agreement when people move out of a shared rental property. This can cost anything up to £300.

Driven to despair, I’ve developed an ingenious, fool-proof method … Read more

Seven ridiculous London rents that show why we need to fix renting
Seven ridiculous London rents that show why we need to fix renting

Struggling to find a reasonable place to rent in London? You’re not the only one. London renting is broken. For too many of us it is unaffordable, unstable and unsafe.

One in four people living in London are private renters – I’m one of them – and we deserve a better deal. Some renters have already reached breaking point, and decided they’ve no option but to leave London. Yet for many of us that simply isn’t an option. Instead … Read more

Homes for Londoners

Barely a week after the polls closed in the general election, England’s next major political race – to be the new Mayor of London – is already hotting up. Several candidates have formally declared their intention, or hinted at a strong interest in running for their party’s nomination including Ivan Massow and Stephen Greenhalgh for the Conservatives and Sadiq Khan, Diane Abbott, Gareth Thomas and David Lammy for Labour.

What’s clear already is that housing will be the issue that … Read more

A rent cap in name only

This blog was originally published as part of #BeyondtheBallot the Huffington Post UK’s alternative take on the UK General Election 2015. Visit the website to see the original post and join the debate.

A year ago to the day, Ed Miliband announced that a future Labour Government will legislate to make long-term tenancies the legal default. After calling for stable renting since 2012, Shelter welcomed this turning point.

On Sunday, this was repackaged a ‘cap on rents’.

Cue hysteria. … Read more

Right to Buy one-to-one replacement falling short in London

The commitment to build a replacement for every social rented home sold through the Right to Buy scheme is not being fulfilled in London, just as across the country. In 13 boroughs there have been exactly no replacement homes built for the 2,877 social rented homes sold.

We wrote recently about the national failure to replace social rented homes sold through Right to Buy. Back in December 2011, when the government increased the discounts available to tenants, they said … Read more

The politics of rent control

A debate is taking place about whether we should control – or cap – private rents in London.

With the 2016 Mayoral Election edging closer, this debate is heating up. Anyone throwing their hat into the ring is taking a view.

Shelter are currently looking at the technical implications of capping or controlling rents. But we also need to understand the political implications of this very public debate.

It is little wonder that renting dominates our capital’s discourse. The … Read more

Genie let out of the bottle in London

At the beginning of the week the Mayor of London announced new funding and finance for low-cost home ownership homes in the capital. As well £180 million of ‘recoverable funding’ for 4000 new shared ownership homes, the announcement included up to £40 million of cheap loans to bring housing association Gentoo’s Genie product to London.

Genie is a home purchase plan that has been operating in the North East of England since 2011 and it has a lot going … Read more

Are rent caps the answer?

Renters are understandably angry about the unaffordable cost of renting. In the capital, average rent for a two bedroom flat is now a whopping £1,495 a month. Other parts of the country are also experiencing record highs.

Shelter is deeply concerned by how unstable and unaffordable private renting has become.  The record high costs of private renting have led to renewed calls for some form of rent control.  But we’re not convinced that comprehensive rent caps are the best … Read more