Thanking Day 2023

Published: by Kate Milenkovic

An image of Janet smiling into camera. Janet tells the story of how Shelter has helped her and her family keep her home

Despite the housing emergency continuing to have a devastating impact on people’s lives in the UK, it’s important for us to take a moment and show our huge appreciation for the ongoing commitment of Shelter supporters, our partners, Shelter staff, and volunteers. Together we’ve helped provide support to people facing the devastating impact of the housing emergency and fight for long-term change to our housing system to ensure everyone has a safe place to call home. 

Transforming lives one action at a time

With every penny donated, every petition signed, every hour volunteered, and every race run, you are creating a fairer housing system. Your unwavering support has become a beacon of hope for families facing impossible situations.

It is the collective power of the Shelter community, of individuals like you, that will ultimately bring an end to the housing emergency. Your support enables us to provide vital guidance, advice, and assistance to those in need such as providing families with legal assistance to help them keep their home or challenging the suitability of poor temporary accommodation. Together, we are not only helping individuals and families find shelter, but we are also advocating for the systemic change necessary to fix our broken housing system.

15,556 lifelines: answering the call of the housing emergency

In the year 2022/23 alone, our emergency helpline served as a lifeline for 15,556 households in need of urgent housing advice by helping provide a listening ear and expert advice when things may feel most difficult. Through your support, 4,041 households received free legal advice and representation on complex housing issues, ranging from possession cases to unlawful evictions. In local communities across the country, we provided face-to-face services to 14,850 households, empowering them to defend their right to a safe home.

Janet’s triumph: a tale of resilience and the power to preserve home

‘Thanks to that support from Helen, I’ve been able to keep my family home – my safe haven. It’s been lifesaving’

Janet’s story epitomizes the transformative impact of the support made possible by amazing individuals like you. For twenty years, Janet called her family home a haven, a place where memories were created and cherished. However, when faced with the looming threat of repossession, Janet’s world turned upside down. A letter arrived out of the blue, demanding a huge sum of money within weeks, threatening to snatch away her sanctuary.

Overwhelmed and on the verge of giving up, Janet reached out to Shelter and found support and advice from Helen, a dedicated Shelter Adviser specialising in complex cases. Helen helped guide Janet through the process, providing support and reassurance that they would navigate this crisis together. For months, they tirelessly negotiated with the bank, seeking manageable repayment options that Janet could afford.

Finally, the breakthrough came – an offer was accepted, and Janet received the news she had longed for: her family home was safe. The weight that had burdened her for so long was lifted. Janet described the feeling as having ‘a ten-stone weight lifted off her.’

Together, we are the agents of change in the fight for home

Janet’s story is just one example of the transformative power of having a safe place to call home. Through your unwavering commitment and generosity, people like Janet don’t have to fight the broken housing system alone. Families can keep their homes and hope is being reignited.

Let us continue to unite, advocate, and take action. We believe everyone has the right to a home that gives them that sense of safety and emotional security to build their life. Together, we can continue to be agents of change and shape a future where no one is left without shelter or hope.  

If you’d like to give a gift today, please visit the donation page. If you or someone you know needs housing advice, please visit our advice page.

Because of your support, we can continue to work towards a future where everyone can enjoy the safety, stability, and emotional wellbeing that a home has to offer. Thank you!