Kate Webb

By Kate Webb

The sound of silence

The election result may be impossible to call, but there’s one prediction I’m comfortable making: voters are going to go to the polls without a clear sense of how a future government will protect them if they fall on hard times and face losing their home.

We’ve already set out our assessment of the parties’ manifesto pledges on welfare. But the real concern for us at Shelter lies in what’s missing. The Conservatives have said they want to find an … MORE...

Scott Dawes

By Scott Dawes

After May 7th – What happens on welfare?

I probably don’t need to tell you that last week was dominated by the launch of the main parties’ manifestos; it was pretty hard to ignore the leaders’ efforts to get the biggest possible splash for their election commitments.

But tellingly, there were no new headline policies on welfare. Although public support for the principle of a safety net remains strong, people are still concerned by the parts they think are open to abuse. Policies that seek to address these … MORE...

Steve Akehurst

By Steve Akehurst

Fixing the housing shortage: what do the manifestos say?

One of the great things about this election is, for the first time in a generation, politicians are competing for votes on housing. Unfortunately there is a downside: lots of big claims and big numbers flying around as parties trade claims and counter-claims. It can become bamboozling, even to those who work in the field.

So we thought we’d put together a one stop shop for you, to help you make sense of what the parties are promising on building … MORE...

Toby Lloyd

By Toby Lloyd

Another nail in the coffin of social housing

As they head into the general election, all the parties recognise that there is a severe housing shortage, which is having a devastating effect on people’s ability to afford a decent home to call their own. For thirty years governments of all stripes have worsened the shortage by failing to build anything like the numbers of affordable homes we need. But you can’t solve an affordable homes shortage by selling off affordable homes – and unfortunately that is exactly what … MORE...

Toby Lloyd

By Toby Lloyd

How to make new garden cities actually happen

Building a new generation of garden cities is in danger of becoming a motherhood and apple pie policy: everyone agrees it’s a great idea, but no-one has any real plans for making it happen. It’s not hard to see why. Building more homes is pretty much universally recognised as essential, and garden cities are a simple, readily understood way of getting it done – contrasting favourably with more complex and contested proposals like estate regeneration, green belt release or … MORE...