Pete Jefferys

By Pete Jefferys

Non-starter homes

The government’s flagship house building policy is 200,000 new “Starter Homes” by 2020. The policy was launched with a fanfare by the Prime Minister during the general election campaign with the words “a home of your own” emblazoned behind him: a sentiment that Shelter would certainly endorse.

However, new analysis we’ve published today shows that these Starter Homes will be a non-starter for families on typical wages across most of the country. In fact, average earning families will be priced … MORE...

Steve Akehurst

By Steve Akehurst

George Osborne’s housebuilding plans: who will they help?

One of the reasons that housing was such a big issue in the election is that it’s no longer something that affects just a small portion of the population. All kinds of people, on middle and low incomes, are now feeling the effects even though they are working hard and might expect to be rewarded

But who are these people?

Below we have outlined a few different groups. Whatever their situation they all share the desire for a stable, affordable … MORE...

Pete Jefferys

By Pete Jefferys

The true cost of the Right to Buy

If you’re a family searching for a home in Stevenage the chances are that you’ll need to rent from a private landlord. Shelter research in April found that there are no 2 bedroom homes on the market in Stevenage that a family earning the average income in the town could afford to buy, even if they already have a deposit saved up. So families searching for a home are likely to come across rented properties like this two bed on … MORE...

John Bibby

By John Bibby

What is ‘affordable housing’?

It sounds like an easy question to answer, but what makes a home ‘affordable’ has become a serious point of contention. People even get angry about it, suspicious that what is being called ‘affordable housing’ isn’t actually affordable in any real sense.

This is because, fundamentally, there are two ways to answer the question ‘what is affordability?’

One focuses on the person and what they can afford to pay for their housing. The other focuses on the home and what… MORE...
Kevin Garvey

By Kevin Garvey

Pop-up homeless accommodation: a quick fix for Britain’s housing crisis

The Excalibur Estate in Lewisham has a proud past. It’s the last collection of prefabricated houses which eased the 1940s housing crisis. Bomb damage from the Second World War meant thousands of Britons lost their home overnight. Drastic measures for desperate times!

Less than two miles down the road from Excalibur, Lewisham council are getting involved with prefab again. But this is a drastic response to a very different type of housing crisis. A crumbling municipal leisure center has given … MORE...