Toby Lloyd

By Toby Lloyd

Osborne chooses housing

Make no mistake – today’s Comprehensive Spending Review was, overall, good news for housing. We’ve been calling on the Chancellor to do much, much more to increase house building ever since the 60% cut to the budget in 2010. You can do so too, here. Today, that cut was finally reversed as the budget for the three years 2018-2021 was roughly doubled.

This is welcome  – given some pretty toe-curling rumours going around in the run up to today’s announcement: … MORE...

Sara Mahmoud

By Sara Mahmoud

Shared ownership – who does it work for?

The pre-announced bits of today’s Comprehensive Spending Review have a welcome focus on house building, £4 billion of which is devoted to building 135,000 new shared ownership homes during 2018-2020. As we’ve said many times before, we desperately need more affordable homes built, and shared ownership can play a useful part in the mix – but we’re worried that funding for these homes may come at the expense of new low-rent homes for those who need them most.

So as … MORE...

Deborah Garvie

By Deborah Garvie

We must end one room living

I recently visited Lorraine in the accommodation she shares with her two sons, aged 4 and 2. This consists of one 3 x 2 metre room, with shared cooking and bathing facilities. There is a double bed (which has to be directly underneath the second floor window), sofa-bed, fridge freezer, chest of drawers and a little table and stools for the children to eat.

When the sofa-bed is folded up, there is about 1sqm for the children to play, although … MORE...

John Bibby

By John Bibby

Facts are facts. 7 in 10 renters want longer tenancies

We’ve been campaigning for longer tenancies in the private rented sector for a few years now. But we still get asked the question ‘is this something that renters actually want?’

The short answer is yes: national polling for Shelter by YouGov shows clearly that 7 in 10 want it. The longer answer takes a little more explanation.

When we talk about ‘longer tenancies’, we don’t mean locking renters in to contracts for years and years without having the opportunity … MORE...


By Janey S

A case for change

Families across the country are struggling to find and keep a home. In just under two weeks’ time, George Osborne has a huge opportunity to change this.

On 25th November, he will announce his Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), which thousands of families need to see include plans to fix the national shortage of affordable homes.

For years, Shelter’s been telling the government that it needs to invest in building more affordable homes (to rent and buy). Over the past few … MORE...