Poppy Terry

By Poppy Terry

Lessons to be learned from north of the border?

This week, Conservative MP Bob Blackman introduced a Private Members Bill to amend and update England’s homelessness legislation. The discussion about the need for legislative change, and what this might look like, has been rumbling on for a little while now. One feature of this debate has been a comparison with England’s neighbouring nations, where approaches to homelessness prevention have diverged from ours.

In response to these discussions, Shelter put together a briefing which summarises the recent changes to … MORE...

Deborah Garvie

By Deborah Garvie

Homelessness: ordinary families are bearing the brunt of our housing crisis

With so much economic and political uncertainty ahead, including the possibility of a budget with further spending cuts, we must face head-on the impact that our housing crisis is already having on ordinary families throughout England.

The sheer number on households showing up in today’s homelessness statistics are extremely worrying. During 2015/16:

114,790 households making official applications for help, 57,750 (50%) of which were accepted for rehousing – a rise of over 30% in 5 years. 212,600 cases where… MORE...
Deborah Garvie

By Deborah Garvie

Homelessness: Strategic prevention is better than crisis-driven cure

With growing numbers asking their councils for help to find somewhere to live, there is an increasing debate on how we prevent homelessness.  As we enter a period of further economic uncertainty, we must remain alert to the risk of greater levels of homelessness.

So, we’ve published a new briefing on preventing homelessness to contribute to this debate.

On the face of it, preventing homelessness is pretty straightforward – provide more homes. Not just expensive ‘starter homes’ for those lucky … MORE...

Catharine Banks

By Catharine Banks

Don’t rule it out

It’s safe to say that housing was the key issue for Londoners heading to the polls last month – with the election fought by the eventual winner, Sadiq Khan, as a ‘referendum on housing’. But if the Mayor is to achieve his ambition of delivering the homes Londoners need, then he’ll need to consider all the options – including the green belt.

We’re encouraged to see that Sadiq Khan has started using his planning powers right from the beginning of … MORE...

Kevin Garvey

By Kevin Garvey

Changes to homelessness law in Wales: Just Looking?

Comparisons between England and Wales don’t end at Euro 2016. Wales have recently ushered in changes to their homelessness laws and practices, which differ significantly to England. The changes have been jumped on by commentators, politicians and the media, who see them as progressive steps towards resolving homelessness.

Our colleagues in Shelter Cymru (a separate charity) have broadly welcomed the reform. Now the changes have been flagged by a government inquiry into homelessness in England.

But what are the changes? … MORE...