Zorana Halpin

By Zorana Halpin

No children, no dogs, no DSS: The alternative landlord guide

In our swollen, overheated private rental market, some letting agencies have started to misbehave. Badly. Here are just a few examples:

1: How to find a tenant (why tenants can’t find somewhere to live)

The lettings agency below thought mocking rough sleepers was an appropriate way to promote their tenant vetting service.*

Ever seen ‘no DSS’ in an advert? It stands for the ‘Department for Social Security,’ a government department which no longer exists, but was previously responsible for welfare … MORE...

Kate Webb

By Kate Webb

Cutting housing benefit – one brick at a time

Consensus has broken out in the fractious world of welfare reform. Thinkers and activists across the political spectrum are increasingly in agreement that the best way to reduce the housing benefit bill is to build more affordable homes.

Yesterday both the Reform think tank and SHOUT, the national campaign for council housing, called for renewed investment in genuinely affordable social housing as the sustainable way to reduce welfare spending. Capital Economics crunched the numbers for SHOUT and warned that … MORE...

John Bibby

By John Bibby

Not just a London issue: where will be hit by forced council house sales?

The government’s plans to sell off valuable council homes to fund the extension of Right to Buy to housing association tenants has inevitably generated a lot of heated debate. A lot of that debate has focused on the impact it will have on London.

It’s unlikely that huge numbers of housing association tenants in the heart of the capital will be able to exercise the new Right to Buy, as even with a £100,000 discount London prices are still beyond … MORE...

Rachael Emmett

By Rachael Emmett

Getting the affordable homes we need

The Government has committed to build 275,000 affordable homes over the next Parliament. This is great news and is something we fully support because it will help more people to live in a home that they can afford.

The large majority of affordable homes – about 75% – are funded through the Affordable Homes Programme. The Government has said it will invest £4.5 billion over the five years in England and £1.25 billion in London over the next three years … MORE...

Pete Jefferys

By Pete Jefferys

Can the new Right to Buy reverse falling home ownership?

There are lots of practical problems with the new Right to Buy for housing associations, which is rapidly becoming the billy no-mates of housing policy.

However the policy is aiming to address a very real problem: the decline in home-ownership which has now been falling for over a decade. If that trend isn’t reversed, David Cameron will be the first Conservative PM since Neville Chamberlain to preside over a fall in the proportion who own their home.

Households aged 25-34, MORE...