Rachael Emmett

By Rachael Emmett

No laughing matter: the adults returning to their childhood bedrooms

“Language, Timothy!”

It’s one of those markers of a generational divide – if you remember the catchphrase from Ronnie Corbett’s popular series ‘Sorry!’, about a grown man living with his overbearing parents, you were probably born before 1980.  But for the children of the eighties and nineties, living at home in adulthood isn’t a sitcom plot, it’s increasingly their reality.

Our new research shows they are finding themselves leaving the family home only to return again because of the high MORE...

Zorana Halpin

By Zorana Halpin

Sure, we changed the law on revenge evictions. But what does that mean?

The law on revenge evictions has changed. It’s an important step towards strengthening renters’ rights – and it’s been quite a journey. Put it this way, there’s now 11 million of you out there, and there were only 9 million when we started.

The law is designed to protect private renters from being evicted for making a complaint about poor conditions – and it’s a great start – but it won’t protect everyone. If you are one of England’s 11 … MORE...

John Bibby

By John Bibby

Right to Buy 2: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

The government’s ‘Right to Buy 2’ proposal is a complicated mongrel of a policy, combining two very different elements. The plan is to let tenants of housing associations buy their social homes, with the generous discounts of the Right to Buy, and to fund those discounts by forcing councils to sell their social homes on the open market.

It’s like something you could imagine being hacked together in Frankenstein’s workshop. So it’s not surprising that not many people outside the … MORE...

Toby Lloyd

By Toby Lloyd

We cannot support the NHF’s proposal to housing associations

Last week, the National Housing Federation announced a proposed ‘voluntary deal’ under which housing associations would extend the Right to Buy to their tenants, and gave its members eight days to vote for or against the deal.

Today, Shelter chief executive Campbell Robb writes an open letter to England’s housing associations, expressing Shelter’s grave concerns about the proposed deal, and setting out three key questions that housing associations should ask themselves as they ponder their response.

An open letter to MORE...
Kevin Garvey

By Kevin Garvey

Homelessness can and must be prevented

Picture this: Rachel, Mike and their young children are on the brink of eviction. Their landlord has asked for a rent increase. When Rachel and Mike make it clear that they cannot afford this there appears to be no option left but for them to leave their home. But rents in the area have risen: they can’t find anything more affordable, close enough to their jobs or their children’s school. In desperation, they turn to their local council for help.… MORE...