By Janey S

A case for change

Families across the country are struggling to find and keep a home. In just under two weeks’ time, George Osborne has a huge opportunity to change this.

On 25th November, he will announce his Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), which thousands of families need to see include plans to fix the national shortage of affordable homes.

For years, Shelter’s been telling the government that it needs to invest in building more affordable homes (to rent and buy). Over the past few … MORE...

Kate Webb

By Kate Webb

Give away now, pay later

A couple of months ago I blogged about the suggestion that shared ownership could help lower the housing benefit bill. I was sceptical. Shared ownership is generally inaccessible to households reliant on benefits and those with low and variable earnings would struggle to access the mortgage required.

I originally concluded that the only way it could “work” would be if the shares were gifted for free. But that sounded so farcical – and liable to give people bad ideas – … MORE...

Kevin Garvey

By Kevin Garvey

The benefit cap is a sucker punch for councils

Cuts to benefits may well be helping the government pay off its overdraft, but they could cost councils the earth. The benefit cap in particular is a sucker punch to councils – the sly punch that comes in and catches you off guard. How so?

Let’s firstly remind ourselves how the benefit cap works. It limits the total amount of benefits that certain families can claim. This is currently set at £500 per week, but the government want to reduce … MORE...

Catharine Banks

By Catharine Banks

‘That’s when I first realised – and I no longer assume children have beds.’

In Britain in 2015, teachers feel that it’s no longer possible to assume that every child has a bed to sleep in, let alone a safe and secure home to live in. We spoke to teachers and learning mentors in London schools, and the stories they shared shone a light on the consequences of the housing crisis. One told us:

‘One boy [with poor attendance], I was asking him where he lived – and he was so vague. He drew MORE...

Sara Mahmoud

By Sara Mahmoud

Housing need projections – are we forgetting ‘clipped wings’ couples?

With housing now a top-five issue for the public, it seems everyone increasingly realises we need to be building more homes.  But how do we work out exactly how many new homes we need?

Household projections are one way we can go about it, but this can seem like a chicken and egg game. Projections of new home requirements are based on the number of new households forming.  But given our current housing shortage,  the more new households there are … MORE...