Deborah Garvie

By Deborah Garvie

How do we tackle homelessness?

An independent review of our homelessness legislation, published today by Crisis, has concluded that the legal assistance owed to people threatened with homelessness must be made more inclusive. The review, conducted by a panel of independent experts, proposes changing the law along the lines of the new system introduced in Wales last year.

The Crisis study is not the only review of homelessness legislation going on. The Government has pledged to continue its financial support to councils, and is … MORE...

Kate Webb

By Kate Webb

What could a Citizen’s Income do for the housing crisis?

There’s been an upsurge of interest in Universal Basic Income (UBI), or Citizen’s Income. This would scrap means-tested payments and complicated eligibility criteria and pay all citizens a single amount. Could this major overhaul be the answer to the welfare system’s twin problems of giving too little support to those who need it, while winning too little public backing for the system as a whole?

A few people have been in touch to ask what Shelter thinks of UBI. … MORE...

Zorana Halpin

By Zorana Halpin

2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

Too often, renting is unsafe. Our Fix Renting campaign , launched in January, focuses on three ways to make renting safer:

Landlords to be legally responsible for doing electrical safety checks Letting agents made to better protect renters’ money All rented homes to be genuinely ‘fit for human habitation’

And thanks to the work of Shelter and our amazing supporters, the first two of them should now become law, along with strong measures tackling rogue landlords!

Changes to the law … MORE...

Vicky Pearlman

By Vicky Pearlman

A good day in court for homeless families needing Legal Aid

In an unexpected, but hugely welcome, turn of events, the Supreme Court yesterday found the Government’s proposed Residence Test for Legal Aid unlawful.

Most unusually, the Court gave its decision at the end of the first day of a two-day hearing, deciding that it didn’t need to hear the evidence on whether it was discriminatory. We will learn more about the reasons for their decision in due course.

The Residence Test would have prevented people who could not proveMORE...

Janey S

By Janey S

No vote, no voice: Renters need to register!

Are you renting in London?

Are you registered to vote?

Over a third of renters in London have moved 3 or more times in the last five years – and too often, when renters leave a home, they also leave their vote behind.

After the zillion things renters have to do when we move house (which, thanks to a terribly unstable rental market, we tend to do quite often), registering to vote sometimes doesn’t even make it onto our list.… MORE...