Michael Tighe

By Michael Tighe

Parents are scared about London’s high housing costs – why aren’t politicians?

Christina and her husband can’t afford a home in the capital


London’s parents are afraid for their children’s futures.

When it comes to having one of the basic necessities for life, a home, the vast majority – 86% – of them, fear that their kids will have to move out of the capital in order to afford one.

Almost 90% of them think that children and young people growing up in London today will find it harder to cope … MORE...

Deborah Garvie

By Deborah Garvie

Right to Rent roll out: one more barrier to finding a home?

Next Monday (1 February) the Right to Rent rules will come into force throughout England.

Right to Rent was introduced by last year’s Immigration Act, but this year’s Immigration Bill, currently being considered by the House of Lords, proposes tightening the law still further, with criminal offences for landlords who don’t comply – and eviction (without the need for court proceedings) for families without the Right to Rent.

Hopefully, you’ve heard of Right to Rent – particularly if you plan … MORE...

Toby Lloyd

By Toby Lloyd

Public land: it’s the price not the seller that counts

There were two big announcements the other day on the hoary issue of releasing public land for house building: one encouraging, one deeply depressing.

First the good news: the London Land Commission has launched its register of all the land and property owned by public bodies in the capital. Digging out and collating all this data from multiple agencies across the public sector is a massive undertaking, and the Commission deserves kudos for getting it all into a publicly available, … MORE...


By Janey S

Unaffordable, unstable, unsafe: We need to fix renting

1 in 4 Londoners are renting from a private landlord, and far too many are living with mould or mice, paying far too much for homes that are all too temporary.

Renting needs fixing. If you agree, join our campaign. This year London will elect a new Mayor, and the candidates all want our votes. It’s a huge opportunity to get our voices heard and change the lives of renters. That’s why we want you to join us in … MORE...

Kevin Garvey

By Kevin Garvey

The government still think that the Bedroom Tax is fair play

The Court of Appeal today ruled that the Bedroom Tax unlawfully discriminates against women feeling domestic violence, and severely disabled children who need overnight care. It’s a significant blow for a justly maligned government policy. But the government refuse to back-down.

The Bedroom Tax was introduced by the government in April 2013 in an attempt to reduce the housing benefit bill and make better use of social housing stock by penalising low income households who were deemed to be ‘under … MORE...