Tom McCarthy

By Tom McCarthy

The 3 BIG things we want to hear in tonight’s BIG debate

The TV debate tonight could go one of two ways:

Either we’ll spend the evening hearing about “empty-chairs” who “agree with Nick” that “met a man on Hampstead Heath” “eating a pasty (tax)”? Or politicians will skip the sound-bites and tell us what their plans are to end the housing crisis.

We’re hoping for the latter.

To check in on them, we’re going to be playing buzzword bingo. Join in and tweet @shelter if you’re lucky enough to win!… MORE...

Chris Thorne

By Chris Thorne

Does business have a responsibility to support its employees with housing?

This blog was originally published as part of the The Great Business Debate. Visit the website to see the original post and join the debate.

The days of employers building houses for their workforce are long gone. Purpose built developments, such as George Cadbury’s Bourneville, are consigned to the past. But today, employees need support from their employers with housing more than ever.

We are in the midst of a housing crisis. The repeated failure of governments to build … MORE...

Martha Mackenzie

By Martha Mackenzie

37 days to win the election; 100 days to make it count

Yesterday, the General Election 2015 officially launched.

Over the next 37 days we can expect plenty of bold statements, lots of partisan accusations and endless footage of battle buses and rolled-up sleeves. The fight to win over the UK’s 42 million voters is well and truly on.

If politicians are clever, they’ll talk about fixing our housing crisis. Voters in the marginal seats – those key seats that will decide the outcome of the general election – are more likely … MORE...

Steve Akehurst

By Steve Akehurst

CBI guest blog: why the next government needs to prioritise housing

As the election campaign enters the home straight, a lot of organisations are turning their thoughts to the first 100 days of the next government; key moments like the first Queens Speech and Spending Review. What’s note worthy this time around is how high up housing is in the priorities of organisations outside the sector.

Last week, the CBI – Britain’s leading employers’ organisation – released their list of key issues they wish to see the next government prioritise in … MORE...

Kate Webb

By Kate Webb

Rising homelessness: Too much welfare reform and not enough rental reform?

Every household who loses their home and turns to their council for help represents a tragedy. Homelessness has a profound impact on people’s lives and many parents will be aware that even the welcome help from the council could come at the price of being moved far away from the area they and their children know or placed in unsuitable and often intimidating shared Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

But, far from personal tragedies, such households tell the rest of us … MORE...