Martha Mackenzie

By Martha Mackenzie

Government crackdown on rogue landlords

On Monday, the government announced that they will use the Housing Bill to crack down on rogue landlords. They published a raft of new, tough measures.

Disappointingly, this was wrapped up with some pretty objectionable plans to ‘make Britain an even harder place for illegal migrants’. We have already spoken out against these plans – and many others have warned that they will lead to discrimination and homelessness.

This angle was particularly frustrating, as buried underneath the angry rhetoric … MORE...

Pete Jefferys

By Pete Jefferys

Genesis: a new beginning?

While there’s a broad consensus that we need to build many more homes in England, the debate about the type of homes we should build – whether homes to buy, private rent or for social rent – is far from settled.* That’s perhaps why many people were shocked this week by the comments of the Chief Executive of Genesis, a not-for-profit housing association, who said that they would be moving away from the traditional model of building low rent homes … MORE...

Toby Lloyd

By Toby Lloyd

Exposing the property parasites

David Cameron’s announcement today that the Land Registry will publish information on the UK property holdings of foreign companies is welcome: although it is understandably and rightly being presented as a move to tackle corruption, it has positive implications for our dysfunctional property market.

The examples shown in today’s media coverage reinforce what we’ve known for sometime, that homes in this country are increasingly been treated by some as instruments of unproductive financial speculation rather than places to live.

Some … MORE...

Pete Jefferys

By Pete Jefferys

Will house building survive the next crash?

House prices are now above the peak they hit before the last recession. That crisis, caused in part by dodgy lending, was a disaster for many parts of our society and economy. House building was high among them with so many jobs lost and so many much-needed homes never built. Next time house prices fall though it will be even worse. House-building will be devastated.

From 2007 to 2009 the number of new homes started by private builders plunged 59%. … MORE...

Jenny Pennington

By Jenny Pennington

Private renters: the squeeze and then the freeze

You will hear us talk a lot about our concern that rents are rising. We don’t just care about what rents are doing per se, we particularly care about whether any changes affect the people who have to meet their current rent payments and keep up with rent rises in order to keep a roof over their heads. If rents were at an affordable level and incomes grew too, rent rises could be fine.

So while we know that private … MORE...