Shandor’s Story

Shandor was living in a one-bedroom house, which he’d made his own. But when he became disabled after an accident at work, he fell behind on rent payments and had to give notice to leave.

He found a room to rent privately, which he shared with his seven-year-old son Billy when he visited at weekends. Sadly, his landlord passed away and he found himself facing homelessness again.

‘I was just thinking,“What happens now, where am I going to sleep? Where am I going to shower? Where am I going to cook? Where’s my son going to go? Am I still going to be able to have access to him?”.’


The night before his eviction, the council found Shandor a place in a homeless shelter.

He was given a single room with a bed and fridge, sharing a bathroom and kitchen with strangers. He’s spent months in limbo, waiting for a decision on his homelessness application.

‘As Christmas gets nearer I’m thinking about where we can put up a Christmas tree, there’s no space in our room. There will be no magic at Christmas this year, I’m dreading it to be honest. It’s a bleak prospect.’

Nobody should have to face spending Christmas in a hostel. But Shandor and thousands of other families are doing just that. 



Shandor called our helpline, and received advice from a Shelter adviser.

The council have finally agreed to house him, and he’s now able to bid for social housing. But his journey is still far from over.


We want to be there for every family like Shandor’s. But our helpline recieves a call every thirty seconds. 

You can help us make sure no family faces homelessness alone.

Please make supporting Shelter your new Christmas tradition.