Help to buy – who will it help?

The flavour of today’s Budget was very much helping Britain to be an ‘aspiration nation’. A cornerstone of which was about helping people achieve ‘that most human of aspirations’: owning a home.

That came with a major policy announcement: the Help to Buy scheme – a morphing and extending of existing schemes to boost ownership, NewBuy and FirstBuy.

So who does Help to Buy help then?

Help to Buy equity loan

Formerly known as FirstBuy, the Government gives … Read more

What do London's renters want?

Every Londoner has something they love and hate about the capital. I’m at my happiest cycling around Richmond Park on a sunny day, yet can’t stand the Northern line on a Monday morning.

We ran a campaign earlier this year asking Londoners to share their views on private renting with the Mayor. More than 5,000 renters got involved, and they had a lot to say. The message was clear that London’s renters are united in their annoyance, anger and frustration … Read more