Housing takes centre stage

‘[This] country desperately needs a delivery of homes…’

Spoken by Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills during his platform speech at this year’s Liberal Democrat Party Conference.

After a wet and windy three days in Glasgow it’s clear: housing the next generation is on everyone’s mind. The Liberal Democrats, both members and Ministers, genuinely do want to ‘own housing at the next general election’.  However, what this ownership will look like is still all … Read more

All change ahead

In our briefing on Universal Credit and Alternative Payment Arrangements we outline what they are and how they could work in practice to support claimants who struggle with a monthly payment.

One of the government’s objectives for Universal Credit is for recipients to take more responsibility for their finances. This includes softening the divide between working and non-working claimants, so those supported by benefits receive their income in the same way as someone in work.

Claimants will be ‘paid’ Universal Read more