A mixed bag

David Cameron opened his Conservative Party Conference speech with the promise of home ownership.

“This week in Manchester we’ve shown this Party is on the side of hardworking people. Helping young people buy their own home.”

The rhetoric is right. And it is fantastic to see all three party leaders recognising the urgent need to tackle our housing crisis. Unfortunately, we still cannot agree with the Government’s proposed solution.

Cameron used the Conference to accelerate the Help to Buy scheme. … Read more

Shifts on private renting

Some lesser reported news this week is that the Communities Secretary Eric Pickles announced in his speech to the Conservative Party Conference that the government would be “supporting new family-friendly tenancies in the private rented sector”.

I was there in Manchester, and this felt like both a small step and yet a big moment for the policy environment of private renting. This is now my last week working for Shelter after three years in the policy team: a fitting moment … Read more