Hope for homeless families in need of Legal Aid

While today’s news agenda is dominated by the Cabinet reshuffle, news from the courts has given us at Shelter cause for a big sigh of relief.  This morning, in response to a challenge brought by legal charity the Public Law Partnership, the High Court has ruled that Government changes, which would have left homeless families without help, have been ruled ‘unauthorised, discriminatory and impossible to justify’.

Regulations introducing a residence test for civil Legal Aid were aimed at preventing … Read more

The Bedroom tax by numbers

Out today are DWP figures and survey results on the impact of the first nine months of the bedroom tax. Here is a quick lowdown of the key points:  

1.  The stand out headline which the BBC has run with is the sheer number of households moving into arrears. JRF’s own analysis had already indicated that arrears were going to be high but now the government’s own research confirms fears of rising arrears with a staggering 59% of people affected Read more