Budget 2015: the impact on social housing

Lots of house building – and house selling – measures were trailed before yesterday’s Budget. It seems though that we’ll have to wait for a planning announcement on Friday to know what most of them are. Most importantly we don’t know what funding, if any, there will be for urgently needed new affordable homes, or how the extension of the Right to Buy to housing association tenants and the forced sale of council homes will work in practice.

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Budget 2015: Unpicking the unravelling of housing benefit

Housing benefit has been squeezed for so long it’s easy to miss that it took another hammering in yesterday’s Budget. Cuts hitting private renters – including large numbers of working households – will see huge swaths of the country become unaffordable by the end of this parliament.

Freeze to LHA

The chancellor announced that Local Housing Allowance rates will be frozen for four years – twice the two year freeze promised in the Conservative manifesto. Local Housing Allowance rates set … Read more