Party Conferences: Taking the political temperature on housing

As the leaves of another party conference season are swept away, we take a look back at what it meant for housing.

First there was the Lib Dems in sunny Bournemouth. Housing featured as one of the three big themes of Tim Farron’s first conference speech as Lib Dem leader. Farron said it was watching the film ‘Cathy Come Home’ as a teenager that inspired him to get into politics. The film’s original screening in 1966 coincided with … Read more

A not-so 21st century approach: why homes don’t have to be suitable for humans to live in them

Yes, I have the sad job of telling you that there are people living in places that aren’t fit for humans to actually live in them – and that it’s not even against the law. I’m talking about sharing your home (and even your bed) with creatures like rats and slugs, and with mould and damp growing everywhere, to name a few examples. Sounds like something from a nightmare, doesn’t it?

Sadly this is the case for the one in … Read more

‘My house is your house…or is it?’

The shocking and profound impact of seeing the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan for the first time is something that will never leave me. I visited a couple of years ago in a previous role and was struck, first by the horror of the situations they are fleeing, then by the certainty of what they most want to happen next. Not usually a dangerous trek across the Mediterranean to Europe, but to rebuild their lives, at home, as soon as … Read more