Starter Homes rhetoric starts to unravel

Recently I took part in a local radio phone-in to debate the government’s plans to redefine “affordable housing” and divert funding into its new Starter Homes programme. Would these homes work for families on ordinary incomes?

The government hopes people will think so, having announced plans to redefine “affordable housing” to include Starter Homes. Exactly what counts as “affordable” is a hotly debated question, but surely the maximum price of £450,000 in London is stretching the definition too far. We’ve … Read more

If you liked the cut to tax credits… you’ll love the local housing allowance freeze

Almost 400,000 working families in England receive housing benefit (in the form of Local Housing Allowance) to help them to cope with the high cost of renting from a private landlord. These families are home to over 750,000 children. These are the exact ‘hard-working families’ in need of a bit of support to bridge the gap between wages and essentials.

Housing benefit is a lifeline for these families. They have few alternatives: They can’t move beyond commuting distance of … Read more