When brownfield isn’t enough: Where can the next Mayor of London build 500,000 homes?

For whoever becomes Mayor of London in May, housing will undoubtedly be their most important challenge.

Whilst the candidates are agreed on the scale of the problem, with all committing to build 50,000 new homes a year over the next ten years, the trickier question of where the homes will be built has yet to be answered adequately by any of them.

A new report published today by Shelter, in partnership with property development consultancy Quod, evaluates a number of … Read more

Let's move to...a disused basement in a central location?

It’s a curiously modern phenomena – property guardians around the country are paying rent to live in squat like conditions.

The birthplace of ‘property guardianships’ is illegal squatting in empty properties (supposedly Camelot, one of the biggest property guardian operators, is the brainchild of a squatter). But in the current reincarnation, guardians pay rent for the privilege of ‘guarding’ the property whilst it’s empty, which helps to keep out squatters and protects against theft. I’ve seen disused warehouses, care homes, … Read more