Will Help to Save help the struggle with housing costs?

Tomorrow’s Budget will confirm further details of the government’s new Help to Save scheme, which will boost the savings of low paid workers.

The prime minister committed in January to help lower income households save for a “rainy day fund”. Open to households on working tax credits (or working an equivalent level under Universal Credit), the new scheme is expected to incorporate a 50p bonus for every £1 saved, payable after two years. Savers who put away £50 a month … Read more

As the Mayoral election nears, London renters are demanding change

In just eight weeks, London will have a new Mayor. Will they have a plan to fix London’s renting crisis? Hopefully yes, if our campaign is successful.

Housing is already top of the agenda for the Mayoral contest. More than 1 in 4 Londoners are private renters and we’re working hard to make sure their demands are heard. How are we doing that? By building a mass movement of renters and giving them a platform to voice their concerns.

Too … Read more