Gatekeeping council accused suicidal client of queue jumping

If you’re sick and go to A&E you can expect to be taken seriously, even if the receptionist suspects you could have waited for a GP appointment. You may be triaged, you may endure a long wait, you may even eventually be sent away without treatment if you really didn’t need it. But you wouldn’t expect to be fobbed off before you’ve even got a foot in the door.

Unfortunately people who need help because they are homeless cannot guarantee … Read more

Forced council sales: a small amendment that makes things a whole lot worse

They look like such an innocuous series of little amendments. But the most recent proposed government changes to the Housing and Planning Bill could make the potential impact of the forced council sales policy go from bad to worse.

You can find the amendments I’m talking about here. They do two things.

First, they change what’s under consideration for sale from ‘high’ value council homes to ‘higher’ value council homes.

That might not sound like much, but it gives the … Read more

Over half London’s private renters are struggling. Renting needs fixing now.

When does a city’s housing problem get so bad that it’s legitimate to describe it as a ‘crisis’?

People often quibble about whether the current housing situation constitutes a ‘crisis’ or remains only ‘very serious’. But with more than half of London’s 2.7 million private renters now struggling to pay their rent at least some of the time, it’s beyond doubt that the city is in anything other than a full-blown crisis.

Doing something about this crisis will be one … Read more