Tools to tackle homelessness: What we'd like to see from the homelessness inquiry

A version of this blog first appeared on the Municipal Journal

Last week, Government Ministers appeared before the Communities and Local Government Select Committee to answer questions on what their departments are doing to tackle homelessness.

The evidence session was part of the current inquiry into homelessness, being undertaken by the CLG Select Committee. The first of its kind for ten years, this inquiry presents a valuable opportunity to take stock of what is driving homelessness in this country and … Read more

Letting agents and ghost listings

We were recently contacted by a homeowner that had fallen victim to fraudulent activity by a letting agent. Here’s her story…

Last year I got a nasty shock. I discovered a letting agent advertising my flat for rent, without my permission, while I was living in it.

This both worried and angered me. If my mortgage lender discovered the flat listed for rent, they could have accused me of breaking my mortgage agreement, as renting breaches the terms of my … Read more