Watch out for the Lump of Subsidy Fallacy

Governments repeatedly come up with new types of ‘affordable’ housing that don’t actually make homes genuinely affordable, because they hope this will help more people by making subsidies go further. But this is a mistake, because house building finances are more complicated than doing the weekly grocery shop.

Our new research published today (and covered in The Sun) shows just how few people on ordinary incomes can afford the private rent on an ordinary home. We all know … Read more

Autumn Statement 2016: what is needed to help the 'just about managing’ classes?

We are now a little under a month away from the Autumn Statement 2016, the first of Theresa May’s government.

Though these set pieces –  ‘fiscal events’ as civil servants term them – can feel a little overblown, they do really matter.

Firstly of course because public investment, while not the be all and end all, remains an important part of solving the housing crisis, especially when it comes to homelessness and affordability issues*. But secondly, and more importantly, because … Read more