Weakening space standards won’t make homes cheaper – just smaller

Lots of rumours have filled the vacuum created by the delay in publishing the White Paper on housing. The most worrying one, to my mind, is a persistent suggestion that space standards could be watered down.

This is troubling because we barely even have space standards in this country, and what we have are by no means generous, and in any case are purely voluntary for local councils to adopt.

In fact, no-one actually seems to think they are … Read more

Preventing homelessness costs

This post was co-authored by Deborah Garvie and Jenny Pennington

Last week, the Government announced that it would provide an additional £48m to English local authorities to fund the new burdens they will be under as a result of likely changes to homelessness legislation. We are looking into the numbers to see if they stack up. But we have initial concerns about the way the proposed funding will be withdrawn at the point it may be needed most.

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