Universal Credit: Rollout speeds up but leaves problems in its wake

A key parliamentary committee has re-launched an inquiry into Universal Credit after receiving disturbing evidence of the problems encountered by tenants from councils. The government should use the opportunity to listen to the concerns of tenants and landlords who are dealing with the worrying fallout of the once ‘flagship’ welfare reform.

In January this year, nearly half a million people were claiming Universal Credit. Despite repeated delays and timetables slipping back, the rollout of the combined benefit is ramping up … Read more

Campaigning to fix renting in Greater Manchester

On 4th May, residents will elect the first Mayor of Greater Manchester. The Mayor will represent the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester, and will have a range of new powers, including over housing.

Building on our Fix Renting campaign during the London Mayoral Election last year, we’ve been considering how we campaign at a more regional level. Sadly, we simply don’t have the resource to do something in every area, or campaign on every local issue. But the Greater Manchester … Read more