Immigration status: the wrong priority for renting

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced that, all private landlords will have to check the immigration status of new tenants or face a penalty.  This rather took us by surprise at Shelter. After all, the coalition agreement notes that any new regulation will only be introduced if two others are cut – and we’ve not seen a willingness to bring in additional requirements on landlords, even where these would demonstrably improve renters’ lives.

At Shelter, we’re not in favour of anything … Read more

'Predistribution' and the Living Wage – or, why we have to cut housing costs

It’s Living Wage Week 2012. On Monday, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Greater London Authority announced the 2012 rates for London and outside of London – £8.55 and £7.45 respectively.

All help for low-income families to afford a home is welcome. But reading the coverage of the Living Wage announcements, I was struck by the assumption that all that is needed to make a life free of poverty possible is to raise wage rates.

The fact is, though, that … Read more

Are you a Grend?

Ok, it sounds like an insult, but this was the question asked today in the Times (£). It stands for ‘Graduates Renting, Employed, No Deposit’ – an increasing group of young-ish people priced out of owning a home.

Here at Shelter, we hear from ‘Grends’ all the time – debating with us and one another on Twitter and Facebook, and, more surprisingly, through our helpline and web services. Shelter helps anyone who needs us, and increasingly, many middle-income working … Read more