Five big housing trends that should worry you

Today, the government has published its annual headline report on the state of housing in England. This gives us a chance to spot the big trends and how they might link to one another. Here’s five trends that have big implications for us all:

1. If you’re under 35, then you’re now more likely to rent privately than be buying with a mortgage…

The proportion of 25 – 34 year olds who rent privately has overtaken those buying with a … Read more

Rewarding rogues?

This afternoon Shelter and Crisis are launching Sustain: a longitudinal qualitative research study of people’s wellbeing and outcomes in private rented sector housing. The study spent 19 months tracking the experiences and wellbeing of 128 people who had been rehoused in the private rented sector following a period of homelessness. It found that these people are frequently living in shocking conditions:

Every home had a condition problem. The majority of people had to deal with problem landlords. Some people… Read more