Let's build the houses - quick

William Hague with a suspicious wig. Tony Blair with those satanic eyes. A snaking queue of the unemployed under the slogan: “Labour isn’t working”.

Election campaign posters tell us stories from elections gone by. Condensing narratives into single messages; and priorities into billboards.

This election though there’s a familiar old face on the block clambering for attention at bus stops (and now on social media too): homes.

Housing is now consistently a top 5 voter issue, beating issues like … Read more

Wage against the machine – the tale of the first time buyer

We all know that there is a housing crisis in England, that we aren’t building enough homes, that house prices are expensive, and that it’s difficult and costly for first time buyers to realise the dream of owning their own home.

But exactly how expensive are house prices now for first time buyers? It can be a difficult question to answer, but we’ve calculated that the average house price in England is £76,873 or 38.8% more than it should be. Read more