Temporary Accommodation - a long way from home

The worst effects of the housing crisis have been starkly illustrated by the news of unprecedented numbers of homeless families being sent out of London. These are families that have approached their local council as homeless and have been accepted as being owed a main housing duty.

The overall numbers paint a stark picture: 49,789 London homeless families moved out of borough between July 2011 and July 2014; 2,707 outside of London completely in the past two years, sometimes … Read more

Homes for Londoners

Barely a week after the polls closed in the general election, England’s next major political race – to be the new Mayor of London – is already hotting up. Several candidates have formally declared their intention, or hinted at a strong interest in running for their party’s nomination including Ivan Massow and Stephen Greenhalgh for the Conservatives and Sadiq Khan, Diane Abbott, Gareth Thomas and David Lammy for Labour.

What’s clear already is that housing will be the issue that … Read more