How seriously does the Government take housing? The fate of the Affordable Homes Programme is the first test

Three months ago, in the run up to the general election, David Cameron announced housing as one of the Conservatives six campaign priorities. It followed years of rising anxiety among voters about the issue. In that speech the Prime Minister promised voters he would “build more homes that people can afford”. A month later, as you can see below, he stood on the steps of Downing Street, pledging that the next five years would in part be about “the homes … Read more

No children, no dogs, no DSS: The alternative landlord guide

In our swollen, overheated private rental market, some letting agencies have started to misbehave. Badly. Here are just a few examples:

1: How to find a tenant (why tenants can’t find somewhere to live)

The lettings agency below thought mocking rough sleepers was an appropriate way to promote their tenant vetting service.*

Ever seen ‘no DSS’ in an advert? It stands for the ‘Department for Social Security,’ a government department which no longer exists, but was previously responsible for welfare … Read more