Homes for who? A blow for low income home ownership

The last Parliament saw housing rise rapidly up the political agenda. As a result, there is now a firm political consensus on the need to address the shortage of homes in England. This includes a genuine desire across government to get more homes built, which is very welcome.

The next big question, which will define housing in this Parliament, is homes for who? Who are we building for?

On this question, the government has made a much less auspicious start. … Read more

Right to Buy Replacement Part 2: a simple test to tell if replacement is real

This is the second of two posts about replacing homes that are sold through Right to Buy. The first part looked at the shortcomings of the existing replacement scheme. This part looks at what a good replacement scheme would look like.

The weakness of the existing Right to Buy replacement scheme does not mean that the principle of selling social rented homes and replacing them is a bad one. Managing a stock of social rent homes judiciously can mean that … Read more