Shelter stories: The human impact of poor housing and mental health

Shelter’s new research highlights the link between poor housing and mental health problems. We surveyed GPs and members of the public and found one in five adults in England has had a housing issue in the last five years that has negatively impacted their mental health. Hannah Lee is a Family, Health and Housing Advisor in east London and works with clients with mental and physical health challenges. She explains here how housing problems can impact on families’ well-being.  

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The impact of housing problems on mental health

Housing and Mental Health are two issues which have become prominent in public debate over recent years (and rightly so). Here at Shelter, every day in our services we see how housing problems can spill over into other parts of people’s lives: affecting their relationships, their work, and their health.

In 2013 we published research into the effects bad housing can have on people’s health, helping to further the debate on the links between health and housing. So we decided … Read more