Letting agent fees ban is great news, but will it push up rents?

The forthcoming ban on letting fees is great news for England’s private renters. Renters have no real power to negotiate over fees and too many currently get stung with massive fees just to sign or renew a contract. This makes the impact of our unstable private rental market even worse.

But since the ban was announced there have already been claims that costs will just get shunted back onto tenants through rent increases.

This was also a hot topic when … Read more

8 things you didn't know about private landlords

The number of private landlords has exploded in recent years with the growth of the private rented sector. But in spite of this, there haven’t been many big studies dedicated to landlords and how they run their businesses.

To plug this gap and get some up-to-date data on landlords, we recently commissioned YouGov to carry out the biggest and most representative survey of them for five years. You can find the full results here, but here are a selection of … Read more

Home ownership – is this the comeback?

Yesterday was a big day in the world of housing research – the government published the English Housing Survey (EHS) headline report for 2014/15. This contains a wealth of fascinating insight on housing in England, but the main story always tends to be the tenure figures. Over the last 15 years this survey has tracked one of the biggest changes in society – the drop in home ownership, specifically mortgage holding, and the rise of private renting. The enormity of … Read more

Build in my back yard!

‘I know we need to build more houses, but just not in my back yard, please’. This is what most people think about new homes being built near them, right? Well, no actually, not any more. New data from the British Social Attitudes survey a few weeks ago showed that the majority of the public now support homes being built near them, and this level of support has doubled over four years – a seismic shift in public opinion.

Here … Read more

Making Census?

For a researcher at Shelter, 28th June was something akin to the World Cup. New Census 2011 data showing housing tenure by family composition was released. In fact, it was more hotly anticipated, as we have had a ten year wait, and more cherished as it may be the last ever Census – more on that later.

First, what did it say? The number of families with dependent children renting privately has doubled from 600,000 in the 2001 Census … Read more