Reflections on our campaign in Greater Manchester

You may have heard through our previous blogs that we’ve been campaigning hard – with the help of our brilliant supporters – to ensure that the new Mayor of Greater Manchester commits to fixing private renting.

The Thursday before last, the people of Greater Manchester took to the polls, and declared Andy Burnham was the person for the job.

Thanks to our supporters, he’ll enter office in the knowledge that nearly a thousand people have spoken out about the difficulties … Read more

Looking to rent in Greater Manchester? Let Dodgy Lettings find our perfect property for you…

So much is made of people wanting a nice, stable, affordable home nowadays. But at Dodgy Lettings we know that in reality people will accept whatever they can get – and that’s where we can help you.

As Greater Manchester’s newest letting agent, we‘re confident that you won’t have read a single negative review about us (yet).

And because we’re not fussy about the condition of our properties or the health of our tenants, we can offer properties that more … Read more

A big day in Greater Manchester

There’s a lot at stake when the 174th Manchester derby kicks-off tonight. Victory could prove pivotal in United and City’s battle for 4th place and Champions League qualification, and of course supporters will be yearning for all important bragging rights.

But the stakes are a lot higher for Greater Manchester’s private renters. 1 in 6 households in Greater Manchester rent, but too many are struggling with unsafe conditions, rising rents and the difficulty of putting down roots in a stable … Read more

Campaigning to fix renting in Greater Manchester

On 4th May, residents will elect the first Mayor of Greater Manchester. The Mayor will represent the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester, and will have a range of new powers, including over housing.

Building on our Fix Renting campaign during the London Mayoral Election last year, we’ve been considering how we campaign at a more regional level. Sadly, we simply don’t have the resource to do something in every area, or campaign on every local issue. But the Greater Manchester … Read more